Get Involved

We need your help to make Gen Squeeze a priority in Canada.  Together, we can achieve a Better Generational Deal — one that gives all generations a chance.

IMG_5583Everyone can participate.  Along the way we’ll meet new people, laugh, share our successes and our setbacks, and celebrate every step of progress.

Below are some ideas about the first steps we can take on our journey to reduce the squeeze.  We know you’re squeezed for time, so each action takes less than 10 minutes:

10 Things To Do In Under 10 Minutes

  1. Sign up to receive regular email updates from the Gen Squeeze Campaign.
  2. Start a conversation about Gen Squeeze at your dinner table, workplace, gym or the bar – wherever you gather with friends and family
  3. Share our 3 minute video.
  4. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to our Youtube channel, Follow us on Pinterest
  5. Share some of your own story on our Facebook page
  6. Tweet one of our 15 Fast Facts
  7. Feature one of our Infographics on your Facebook page, on Twitter and in emails to your friends and family
  8. Contact the editor of your local paper and ask them to do a story about Gen Squeeze
  9. Send us (to any photos or images that reflect your experience of the Squeeze, confirming permission for us to use these images in our social media
  10. Team up – many hands make light work, and they make it more fun.  Contact us if you’d like to connect with others who want to work as a group on this campaign

Stay tuned for more ideas in our regular campaign updates.  We especially welcome you to send in your ideas and we’ll help you share them broadly. How would you like to participate in the Gen Squeeze Campaign?  What are your ideas for celebrating our efforts?

Thanks for helping to close the generational spending gap in Canada!