Our Campaign

Our goal is simple. A Better Generational Deal, one that saves Canadians tens of thousands of dollars as young adults so they can reduce student debt, save for a home, afford a family, and plan for retirement.

This is affordable.  We can build a Better Deal by increasing spending on Canadians under age 45 by a small amount – $1k per person – raising government spending per young person from $12k to $13k.  Spending per senior would remain around where it is at $45k/year.

How will we do this? We will follow the lead of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP).  CARP offers its constituents “political clout,” “money in their pocket,” and “bringing like-minded people together.” It has a membership of more than 300,000 on its “march to a million.”  Inspired by their example, we’ll build the Generation Squeeze campaign to become as influential as CARP.  Not because there is any value in working against the interests of retired parents and grandparents.  But because there needs to be more equity in political power between generations before there will be more generational equity in public policy.

We promise to focus only on activities that will make a difference:

1.  Amplify your voice. Make yourself heard in common call for a Better Generational Deal.

2.  Want kids some day, or have young kids now?  Then join us to call for 3 policy solutions to make a New Deal for Families.

3.  Want or have grandchildren?  Become a Boomer for a Better Deal.